By: Nydja Hood

On Thursday July 20, the Dell became a powerhouse. An A-list lineup made for a sold out show, and Kem, Keke Wyatt, and Lalah Hathaway definitely came to deliver.

A millennial mania, Thursday night’s crowd was a drastic transformation from last show’s “Oldies but Goodies” audience. The lineup attracted a crowd of varied ages ranging from mid 20s to early 50s. What was particularly unique about this show was that some parents came to enjoy it alongside their sons and daughters. It was a show that bridged a gap between generations.

Keke Wyatt

Keke Wyatt literally opened the show on a high note! Baby bump and all, her vocals were still off the charts. She sang some fan favorites like “If You Only Knew,” “My First Love,” and even her rendition of Mary J Blige’s “I’m Going Down.” Known for her impeccable range, it was refreshing to see how she not only met, but surpassed that expectation in person. She sang in a key that even some of her musicians failed to match, and the crowd certainly appreciated the gift, even jumping in at the right moments to finish some of the lines.

Later acknowledged by Kem as the “Queen of Soul,” Lalah Hathaway’s performance was a breath of fresh air to say the least. A smooth transition out of Wyatt’s riffs and runs, Hathaway’s set was a more slowed down and jazzy kind of feel. From “Angel” to “Forever, For Always, For Love,” and “My Everything,” the crowd was clearly vibing with the singer. While she and her band were grooving, the audience grooved along.  With soothing vocals and a funky band to match, Lalah’s set had the intimacy of a coffeehouse performance.

Kem was the man of the hour and his performance brought the whole house down. Dressed in all white, the singer looked charming as usual, and the ladies in the audience definitely seemed to agree. From “Love Calls” to “I Can’t Stop Loving You” and “Share My Life,” Kem dedicated his set to love and relationships. The singer declared that he is in a happy place in his life, and seemed eager to share some of his joy with fans in the crowd. In addition to one-on-one fan sing-alongs, Kem engaged the men in the audience to do a romantic serenade to their significant others as well. It was moving to see a wave of happy couples in the audience sharing in this pure and blissful moment. Kem is a true entertainer and put on a show that was nothing short of greatness…from his dance moves, to his crowd interaction, and everything in between, the anticipation for his headlining performance was well satisfied.

Lalah Hathaway

With happy hearts and joyful spirits, the audience would agree that the Dell’s first sold out show of the season was well worth the hype.