By: Nydja Hood

The Dell Music Center is kicking off 2017 Essence of Entertainment with both a new artist lineup, and a revamped security presence.

In wake of the Manchester Arena terrorist explosion this past May the Dell’s enhanced security is taking extra precaution to ensure concert-goers have the safest and most enjoyable experience possible.

In the past, the Dell has used a contracted company as its primary security source, but this year it’s taking it up a notch with intensified protection from the sheriff’s department and Philadelphia Police, who will monitor the walk-in security system.

The venue will also have new metal detectors in place, and will be using security wands as well.

These improvements may seem expensive, but former Recreation Commissioner Susan Slawson insists that it’s worth the investment. “You can’t put a price on saving the lives of people.”

The Dell aims to enforce its upgraded security in time for it first show of the season on July 6 that will feature performances from Jaheim, Johnny Gill, and After 7.

As for its visitors, Slawson only requests they come to the Dell prepared with small bags to help the process go smoothly, and get ready enjoy the show! “This is so the people that come and enjoy this venue can continue to do it in a safe manner in enjoy the Dell experience.”