By: Nydja Hood

On July 13, the Dell embarked on a trip down memory lane with its “Oldies But Goodies” show.

The Intruders

The show featured performances from the Dramatics ft. L.J. Reynolds, Bloodstone, the Intruders, and Harold Melvin’s Blue Notes. The rain didn’t ruin this throwback Thursday, and the Dell kicked it old school with throwback hits provided by DJ Gary O ranging from “Rock Creek Park” to “It Takes Two.”

The Intruders made for a classy show opening and rocked matching black tuxedos.

They waltzed through their set with a sentimental performance of “Sad Girl,” but ended on a high note with their signature hit “I’ll Always Love My Mama.” Mothers and non-mothers alike eagerly sang along to the trademark single and it was a heartwarming sight to see.

Harold Melvin’s Blue Notes

Dance breaks felt very much like an old school family affair with concert-goers taking the opportunity to show off their old school dance moves in between the aisles and in front of the stage. With a crowd so energetic, only few decided to actually return to their seats. Harold Melvin’s Blue Notes took the stage next with a performance the ladies couldn’t ignore.

The group considers “Wake Up Everybody” to be its theme song, but dedicated the majority of its set to love ballads. The group sang “I Should Be Your Lover,” showing that the group may be old school, but is still suave as ever.


Bloodstone came for the kill with red button downs and white suits. The group had an overall engaging energy from start to finish with a band that helped to recreate an atmosphere where it felt as if the music was being performed again for the first time. The guitarist and the drummer definitely put on a show of their own as well and showcased their artistic talents with riffs and beats many audience members may have only seen in music videos.

Dramatics ft. L.J. Reynolds

For the fans who stood through the rain, they got to witness the headlining act, the Dramatics ft. L.J. Reynolds. The Dramatics closed out the show with a set of originals and remakes alike. A performance of “Come Get To This/Stepping Out Tonight” was a special treat for Marvin Gaye fans who had an appreciation for L.J.’s version as well. It was the act they had all been waiting for and it was clear the audience did not leave disappointed. A walk down memory lane that was well worth the wait.