By: Nydja Hood

On Thursday July 27, the ladies were in for a special treat at the Dell Music Center. Tank, Joe, and Monica graced the Dell’s stage and the ladies could not sit still. From love ballads to girls empowerment songs the night was definitely catered to women, but this didn’t stop the men in the audience from stealing the night.

As always, the energy at the Dell was lively, and the party got started long before the first act even took the stage. DJ Gary O set the mood with some old school hits by artists ranging from Biggie Smalls to Mary J Blige, and the audience clearly approved with a dance party. Some concert-goers stood out more than others with complex footwork and splits, making the pre-show another show in itself.

The show opened up with a fresh face to the Dell. A runner-up contestant for the “Singing Under the Stars” competition Antoine Hall warmed up the crowd with a medley. The medley showcased his vocal range with a variety of hits from Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like” to Mint Condition’s “Pretty Brown Eyes,” an unlikely transition of songs from two different eras that happened to fit nicely together.

Known just as much for his good looks and charm as his vocals, Tank gave the ladies a little tease during his performance. After much anticipation from the audience, the singer finally went shirtless, and the ladies went wild. Tank graced the stage with some of his classics and newer hits as well. He gave some special attention to the birthday girls in the audience with his song “#BDAY” that was originally recorded with features from Chris Brown, Siya, and Sage the Gemini.

The ladies barely got a moment to catch their breath by the time Joe took the stage. “I Wanna Know” brought a lot of women to their feet to sing a long, and some even flocked to the stage to grab a hold of the singer’s hand. He took the time to serenade some of the ladies in the audience who appreciated the attention and eagerly echoed the lyrics back to him, but still could not steal the spotlight from Joe himself.

Monica closed out the night as the only female act hitting the stage and used her unique platform to her advantage. She gave ode to another phenomenal woman during her set, Whitney Houston. After reminiscing on her close bond with the late singer, Monica did a cover of “I Will Always Love You.” There was no more electrifying way to end her performance than with her girls anthem “So Gone” that concluded the night with the crowd’s energy at an all time high.