By: Nydja Hood

Every year, the Dell continues to raise the bar for itself with its groundbreaking lineup of artists and this summer, it has kept that momentum going. This summer has been nothing short of iconic. From Babyface and The Ojays to Erykah Badu and Johnny Gill, the Dell has continued to deliver great shows for a wide range of audiences to enjoy all season long. Many of these shows have sold out completely. Winning the Best of Philly ‘17 award for “Best Music Venue Revival,” this groundbreaking summer at the Dell has not gone unrecognized.

On Thursday Aug 24, Maze ft. Frankie Beverly graced the stage with a legendary performance, and the Dell closed the curtain on its Summer ‘17 concert series with yet another full house. Many concert-goers dressed accordingly in all white, and DJ Gary O played all the right tracks as usual to get the crowd ready for a night of reminiscence and classic hits. Luther Vandross’ “All My Love” made for a perfect transition of the night; a night filled with joy, dancing, and of course, a lot of love in the air.

Frankie Beverly’s “Before I Let Go” made for an ideal closure of both the night and the season as a whole. A cookout classic, the Dell transformed into a big family reunion. The concert-goers were eagerly on their feet singing and clapping along. Couples danced in unison to all the love ballads, with cusped hands. Summer ‘17 at the Dell in itself was one filled with love, full houses, and full hearts. With every show, every dancing fan in the aisles, every concert serenade, and every dance break, the Dell is happy to close out yet another successful summer season strong.