Avant photographed by Kyle Morris

It’s a style, it’s a culture, it’s the New Jack Swing. The Dell Music Center welcomed Guy featuring Teddy Riley, Tank, and Avant on Thursday, Aug 15th and boy was it a night to remember. The evening began with Avant opening the show with his classics “Makin’ Good Love”, “Read Your Mind”, and “4 Minutes”. Avant joked about the evolution of music and explained that you can never go wrong with old school music. 

Tank photographed by Kyle Morris


The night continued on with the Dell’s Party in the Park segment, a part of the show in which DJ Gary O spins a few tracks and people get up and dance throughout the venue. People broke out into line dances and displayed some unique dance moves.


Tank took to the stage and raised the temperature one degree hotter, causing several fans to melt from excitement. Tank performed his hit single “When We” and gifted roses to a few of his fans, which generated a wave of screams. 

Teddy Riley, Blackstreet and Dave Hollister photographed by Kyle Morris


For the first time at the Dell, Guy featuring Teddy Riley with special guests Blackstreet and Dave Hollister graced the stage with a New Jack Swing. If you think you’re not familiar with the vintage genre, think again. The hits “No Diggity”, “Piece of My Love”, and Groove Me” took the audience back to the late 80s/mid-90s and had everyone on their feet. Guy featuring Teddy Riley’s performance was equipped with lively dancing, fog machines, unforgettable throwbacks, and a huge “Swag Surfin”  throughout the venue.

Guy Featuring Teddy Riley photographed by Kyle Morris













By: Tricia Merone