Rental Process and Conditions

Please note the Dell Music Center is closed for the remainder of 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis.  For more information call 215-685-9766.

Contact the Dell to check availability of your desired date(s). Availability is limited, so be prepared with alternate dates and a clear sense of your event and its timeline. If your desired date(s) appear open and your performance or event is compatible with the venue, you may place a soft hold while we confirm availability.

Once your date is confirmed, submit a completed application together with the rental deposit (one half of the licensee fee) for approval by the Dell Music Center Management.

Once approved by the Dell Management, we will issue a City of Philadelphia License Agreement. Management further reserves the right to require a deposit to cover all estimated expenses, including but not limited to: rent, ticketing fees, set-up, staffing, damages, advertising, electrical service, and miscellaneous equipment.

The Dell Music Center will provide use of the venue, a full-range of event equipment and personnel including ushers, ticket-takers, security, stagehands, cleaning, operations and technical support.

Proof of Insurance

A Certificate of Insurance is required for all rental activities. Insurance must include Comprehensive General Liability, Workers Compensation & Employers Liability and Automobile Liability. Proof of insurance must be provided no more than two weeks prior to your event.

Rental Rates

Although we hope every event is a success and we will do our best to help make it so, The Dell Music Center and the City of Philadelphia is not responsible for promoting events, nor do we take responsibility for the success or failure, financial or otherwise, of a public event. We cannot give advice on how to promote your event.